The Basics in Free Credit Report

A free credit report gov is a basically a record containing all of your credit activities and detailed information about your credit history. These includes information on credit accounts, loans, payments that are due, and new inquiries that you’ve made. Every time you make an application for a credit card or other additional loans you wish to procure, it records as a query on your credit report. Therefore, it is a record of how you basically use your credit and how much of is still available for your perusal.

Credit reports can be obtained by lenders or card companies. They are the ones who are evaluating loan requests, as well as considering whether to approve your credit card application or not.

A credit report shows all your personal and financial information. This includes your name, your home address, your employment, your credit and loan which you’ve made in the past, inquiries, and public records, which are your tax liens and bankruptcy filings. In fact, all of your 3 credit reports bad information which date back 7 years ago, along with your other account details are identified. Sadly, a number of people mismanage their credit in the past and consequently pay the price of not getting additional credit because of this information.

Because of this, a lot of people nowadays are becoming consciously aware of their credit report and its effects in their daily lives. Whenever applications for a home loan, car loan, or any line of credit, credit scores seems to have an enormous disparity in the total interest a consumer will be paying. In effect, they become meticulous and concerned to the total amount of mortification they will disburse.

The Basics in Free Credit Report

Therefore, managing your credit report is a vital key to avoid discrepancies and inaccurate information form your credit report. You can either consult somebody from the credit bureau or submit a report to them. An average of 30 days will be allotted for the bureau to investigate your report. Or you can also enroll for a free credit report through a legitimate website online.


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Equifax a Finalist for Mortgage tech’s 2014 “Fix-it Award”

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Wells Fargo free credit scores

In an effort to help customers succeed financially, Wells Fargo is offering customers a free consumer credit score and complimentary credit report through Nov. 16.
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